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Really great cartoon that shares my sentiments on gun-censorship. It's nice seeing you work with Ryan again, too. You guys make some of my favorite internet cartoons!

This is pretty fantastic

It's been so long since the last time I saw a new cartoon with your signature caricature look and voice acting. It's one of my favorite parts of this site.

The Spazkid inclusion was icing on the cake.

Good work, dude.

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I like the HomerHoarde more than I hate Friends.

But I still had to take a star off because I fucking hate friends.

A little more animation would have been nice, but the choice of music and the retro graphics are pretty decent for what they are.

A fun little game, really well done.

This would have blown the pants off my 12 year old self.

I grew up with Newgrounds. Back then, Pico's school was one of my favorite Newgrounds submissions. Back when I had my old account with my really old Yahoo email that I forgot the password for, I would play the same old games and watch the same old submissions for hours on end.
But, the best part about this game is it brings back good memories while making all new ones with amazing visuals, music and some FUCKING KICKASS GAMEPLAY.

I am saddened that this is only a playable demo and not a full game I can buy over and over again. You guys have done a really good job staying respectful to the source material while making this Bullet-Hell shooter game.

Great job, you guys.

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This sounds fucking amazing, dude. Pico's school was one of my favorite games as a kid. It taught me to appreciate "controversial" humor.

You did the original well.

JohnnyGuy responds:

Thanks! I tried my best. I'm releasing a behind the scenes video on the process. I was shocked Tom commissioned me for it. I'm honored. Thank you :)

This is pretty sweet, man.

I absolutely loved this

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I'm reading this while drinking at 6am

I'm in my own house, but still

ChazDude responds:

Look at you keeping safe n' all!

I love old school anvil jokes

This looks brilliant, my man.

ChazDude responds:

Thanks, my dude.

I wanna gyro.

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