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ZRDR's News

Posted by ZRDR - 1 month ago

A modern Casanova



Posted by ZRDR - August 9th, 2020

29 years. 29 goddamn years. I have been legally alive on this planet

For 29 goddamn years

And I've wasted 25 of them

By not spending more being a happy jalopy

Yeah a happy jalopy harbor boat man



Posted by ZRDR - April 12th, 2020

I think the live version of Take my hand by Matt Berry sounds better than the recorded one because you can hear his amazing singing more clearly.

regular version:

Live Version

What do you guys think? Do you even care?

Probably not.


Posted by ZRDR - April 7th, 2020

I got suspended from that lame ass site. Good riddance. I was thinking about just nuking it, but it's cooler to get kicked out tbh.

Even if I did make a new one I'd have to get all those people to block me again and I don't wanna have to go through all that work.

So long Twitter, you massive pile of digital shit. You were more tolerable before the flood from tumblr.


Posted by ZRDR - February 16th, 2020

I love working with pencils, doing this has really rekindled my love of drawing comics. Feels like playing a game you forgot about and slowly remembering all the reasons why you spent so many hours playing it.

Hopefully I'll have something else to show you by the end of the month!

Be sure to look at my Instagram because I'm completely done with Twitter, other than automatic IG posts. It's just tumblr 2.0 now only somehow faster and worse. Gunna cut that shit out now before I waste any more of my life with bullshit drama over goddamn comic books and bruised egos.


Posted by ZRDR - September 17th, 2019

Working on a new comic project. Going to do things differently this time. I'm being more organized and I'm being a better steward of my time.

I can't wait to show you all the finished product.



Posted by ZRDR - May 21st, 2019

My animation was featured in a collab!

It was directed by Swee Neezy, it's called "Daniel Dweams". We were tasked with making a one minute short about Daniel going through different dreams. I had a lot of fun working on this and having it along side a lot of talented and ambitious animator's works has been an honor.

Here's the collab in it's entirety, My entry starts around 7:08

I'm currently uploading my part to Newgrounds and I'll do the same for youtube soon. Let me know what you think!

This has inspired me to work more on improving my animation, any criticism is welcomed because I have no idea what I'm doing.



Posted by ZRDR - May 4th, 2019

I'm feeling better now. Not fantastic, but I'm doing a little bit better. I'm part of a cool animation collab and I'm getting progress done on my new comic project that I hope to post soon.

Thanks for following up with my bullshit.

I just posted something to my art thread and I'm posting a lot more to my instagram and twitter.

I'm going to get something done or started this year. I'm going to do my best.


Posted by ZRDR - April 2nd, 2019

One of my favorite things about being a Newgrounds Supporter is all the options you have to express your mood, now. Deathink, Madness, pico, Darnell, Nene, there's so many different ways to express how I'm feeling when making a post anywhere. But, on this occasion, the only thing that really conveys my current emotions is the classic NG furious face.

Article 13. Legislation from one group of states that will effect the entire internet and how content is shared. I know what they're trying to prevent, you remember back when you could watch basically anything on youtube or Dailymotion? Well, I'm pretty sure networks and even some creators didn't appreciate that. It would be okay if it only effected illegal content, like full albums and series being uploaded for free, but it's basically going to effect people who review media, people who use licensed soundbites in their animation, I'm thinking at some point even certain pieces of fanart might even be flagged and cause a problem.

The more you look into it the more you realize that the fate of online creators is in the hands of people who have no fucking idea what they're doing. I may sound bitter towards the EU but who's more to blame here are boomers. People from a previous generation who are easily swayed by the idea of giving the internet up to whoever has the most money, not who uses it the most.

I guarantee more than half of these people don't even understand fair use laws or how this will effect the jobs of several people. People who have had to spend countless hours just to finish their review of an obscure game, only to realize that their video can't be shown in several countries because they used a 7 second piece of copyrighted music for a joke.

Usually, I'd let the slide, after SOPA/PIPPA, I've thought that you really can't keep the internet down (from my vague understanding, there's still a chance for article 13 to not pass, correct me if I'm wrong I'm really bad with politics and crap). But, lately, it seems that everything is only going to get worse from 2019 onwards.

I recently had to come to the realization that my webcomic is never going to get any kind of traction (well, recently as in last year but it still really bums me out).

"Don't give up, keep making them!" That's exactly the problem. It's not funny or entertaining anymore, I've really lost the will to try to think of funny stories. My cutsie, bland humor has been getting worse over the years because, it's not in me to do it anymore. It's become a chore to do George & Pin-Head. I'm keeping the domain name but I'm not going to make anymore. It kills me because of all the ambitions and dreams I had for it, but I've completely lost all inspiration for "happy" stories. I have a slightly edgier story for them but I have interest in even doing any more work on it other than the few paragraphs I've written up for it.

On top of this, my car needs 1300 clams worth of repairs, the brakes are almost totally dead and it's going to take forever to save up the money due to my massive amount of debt. If I'm able to save more than 50 bucks every two weeks and still have enough for food and gas it will be a miracle. I'm not buying any booze anymore so that's really going to suck but it will suck more if my breaks give out and I don't have a car period, so I'm just going to have to suck it up and take it. I'll probably lose some weight from not drinking a shit load of lager so there's that.

Several members of my family are suffering severe health problems, to the point where I'm expecting the call telling me when the funeral is. My heat skips now every time the phone rings. I don't want to get into it too much but let's just say this isn't stuff that you eventually get better for, these are the sort of health problems that you prepare a will for.

Since I was a kid, my first response isn't to get sad when I'm under stress, I just get really angry. I'm not saying I'm the hulk or anything, It's just my first response to any bad news, pure anger.

I've never been so angry in all my life. It's only been getting worse.

I've been trying to create new comics and things but honestly, I don't see a point anymore. I don't want to work on any of my hobbies, I don't want to play video games, read comics, play with coding stuff, nothing. All I want to do is go to work and then sleep, that's the only time I have any solace at this point.

I've deleted my Facebook and Twitter apps, they used to be a way for me to shitpost and let out frustration, but it's becoming more of a crutch than anything, it's not fun to interact with people, anymore. It's becoming harder and harder to talk to my online friends, with everything going on. It's funny, a few years ago I thought social media was the worst thing to ever happen but that's how I've met my best friends and even my wife. But now I feel more like it's a way to virtue signal. Getting in internet arguments and baiting people isn't fun anymore.

I just want this all to fucking end, but I don't think it will. I have a feeling 2019 is only going to get worse for me as it goes along.

Thanks for reading all of this, I needed to get that off my chest, the fact that you stuck all the way to the end means a lot.

Here's my art thread I don't update. I plan to share more pictures to here and my instagram, if I don't respond to any comments, please don't think I'm ignoring you. I just want to post and save my drawings online somewhere right now. I know that doesn't make sense from what I've said earlier about taking a break from social media, but posting drawings is what keeps me from not drawing at all, lately and I think that I'll be better off if I keep drawing and don't allow my "anger depression" to keep me from doing what I love.

I'm going to go on Newgrounds more because this is the only site that consistently been an awesome place all these years and I hate change...

But with article 13 and boomers trying to fuck over the internet, I'm not really looking forward to what will happen to the internet as a whole, including NG.

"Every day, the future looks a little bit darker, but the past, even the grimy parts of it...

...well, it just keeps on getting brighter all the time."

I'm going to be 30 in a few years.



Posted by ZRDR - December 31st, 2018

My new years resolution is to make my drawing a priority. If I am to do this, I'm going to need to post more.


So I'm going to post to my art thread again, if anyone is interested, you can find it here.


I appreciate any comments and especially criticism so I can improve.



I'm going to upload from my sketchbooks there, since I have a massive backlog.


Look at this cool sketchbook I got for Christmas.